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Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer hours from another school, either in Ohio, or from another state must first withdraw from their current school, pay any financial obligations and have their official record of hours sent to the Ohio Cosmetology and Barber Board.

Students have five years from their original enrollment date to complete their program requirements or all hours for that program will expire.


Enrollment for Transfer Students

If a student decides not to transfer hours from another school and starts a program over, they are considered a new student and follow the new student enrollment procedure.  Students who contract for the full program hours may not transfer previously earned hours at a later time.

Students who hold an active Manicurist, Esthetics, Natural Hair Stylist, and/or Barber license may receive credit towards the Cosmetology program.

  • Interview with the school's admissions representative and receive a tour.

  • Complete the Request for Transfer of Clock Hours form with our admissions representative (you cannot begin school until we have your official record of hours from Ohio's state board).  Once the school has received your hours, we will determine your cost and financial aid if applicable. Minimum hours to be completed at this school are 300 for Cosmetology and 100 for Esthetics and Advanced Manicurist.  Students transferring from a high school vocational program, please note that hours earned for academic classes may not be transferrable. 

  • Review the Catalog or request a hard copy from the admissions office.

  • Complete an Enrollment Application.

  • Provide a valid high school diploma, high school transcripts showing a graduation date, GED certificate (click HERE for information on the Ohio GED test or to request a GED certificate) , a parent certified diploma or transcripts if home schooled.  For students who completed secondary education in a foreign country, a copy of the "secondary school leaving certificate" or other similar document, translated into English and certified to be equivalent to a United States high school education.

  • Provide a photo ID with proof of age (a valid driver's license, state issued ID, passport, etc.)

  • Apply for financial aid (if applicable) and set up payment arrangements.

  • Submit a transcript of theory and practical grades by subject from your previous school.  If this is not available, you must pay a $150.00 Transfer Evaluation Fee and come into the school prior to starting to be tested on theory and practical procedures.

  • Pay the $100.00 non-refundable application fee and determine a start date.  Transfer students do not complete a Trial Enrollment Period, but must begin on a regularly scheduled enrollment date (not based on program). 

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