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1500 clock hours 

The Cosmetology Program is designed to train the student in the basic manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, business skills and desirable attitudes necessary to obtain licensure and for competency in entry-level positions in Cosmetology or a related career field.

Personal Hygiene


Infection Control & Principles/Practices


Dispensary Requirements & Operations

Proper Infection Control Procedures


Properties of the Hair & Scalp

Trichology (study of hair)

Draping Techniques & Client Protection

Shampoos, Rinses and Treatments

Disorders, Diseases and Conditions

Chemistry basics & PH

Hair colors palette
A Woman's Haircut


Hair Procedures & Practices

Styling & Finishing - Roller Setting, Hair Molding

Thermal Styling - Thermal Iron, Straightening, Blow-dry Techniques

Formal Styling - Braiding, Wigs, Hair Pieces & Hair Additions

Haircutting Basics

Haircutting Techniques & Tools - Shears, Razor, Texturizing, Clippers and Trimmers


Chemical Procedures & Practices

Chemical Texturizing - Permanent Wave, Chemical Relaxers, Curl Re-forming and Corrections

Hair Coloring - Dimensional Coloring Techniques and Corrections

Hair Dying


Nail Care Procedures & Practices

Structure of Nails - Anatomy of Bones, Skin and Muscles

Diseases, Disorders and Conditions

Basic Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure Tools and Equipment

Hand, Arm, Foot and Leg Massage

Artificial Nail Enhancements and Maintenance


Skin Care Procedures & Practices

Skin Theory - Anatomy of Skin, Body Systems, Cells and Tissues

Diseases, Disorders and Conditions

Basic Facials - Techniques and Treatments

Hair Removal Techniques

Relaxation Treatments and Health History

Electricity - Principles, Safety, Effects and Therapies

Relaxing Massage
mud class.JPG


Make-up & Artificial Lashes

Facial Make-up Techniques

Brow/Lash Tinting, Lash Lifts, Brow Lamination

Artificial Lashes - Strip Lash Applications and Eyelash Extensions


Salon Operations & Communication Skills

Salon Operation & Management - Sales, Consultation, Career Development, and Professional Image

Communication Skills - Listening Skills, Products & Service Education, and Consultation

Hair Samples


Cosmetology Laws & Rules

Ohio Administrative Code

Ohio Revised Code

Inspection & Enforcement

Continuing Educations - Policies and Procedures

Human Trafficking


Flexible Learning Hours

New Student Orientation - School Policies and Procedures

Employment Assistance - Professionalism, Resume Development, Interview Preparation, Job Search Skills

Internship (optional)

Additional Theory or Clinic Time in Subjects of Interest

Blow Drying
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