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Information About the Profession

The beauty industry is a service profession.  You must enjoy working with and helping people.  Professional hairstylists, nail technicians and estheticians work with their hands to produce artistic designs and creations.  You should have good finger dexterity and like hands-on, detailed work.

Things to Consider

You will be exposed to potentially hazardous products such as perm solution, relaxers, color developer, bleach, artificial nail products, hair removal products, and cleaning/disinfecting agents.  These products contain chemicals which may cause allergic reactions or injuries including, but not limited to, skin irritations, skin burns, breathing problems, asthmatic reactions, dizziness, headaches, nausea, and eye injuries. 

Potentially hazardous tools and equipment such as cutting implements, styling irons, electrodes, steamers, and wax warmers will also be used.  Students are trained in the proper usage of all tools, equipment and products, and staff members take all precautions and safety measures to ensure the safety of our students and clients.

You will have to stand or sit for long periods of time.  Proper care of the body, and correct posture are part of our curriculum and must be practiced on a regular basis to ensure longevity in this profession. 

Infection control must be practiced at all times to protect yourself and your clients

Personal Hygiene
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Potential Earnings

Pay schedules and rates of pay vary with each salon.  They may include straight salary, commission, hourly rate of pay, or a combination.  Commission may be earned on retail product sales.  Some salons will require you to have an Independent Contractor's license where you will be considered self-employed, paying a weekly or monthly rent to the salon.  An Advanced license is not necessary to obtain an Independent Contractor's license nor to work alone in a salon.

It may take some time, approximately a year or more, to build a clientele.  During this time you should expect wo work long hours an may only earn minimum wage.

Increase of income is based on your personality, how fast you train, how quickly you pick up skills and speed, and how you adjust to the professional salon environment.  This varies with each individual.

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