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Styling Services:

Hair Cut Canton Ohio

Get your hair cut in Canton Ohio:

All haircut services include shampoo.

Hair Cut

  • Nape Trim -no shampoo

  • Bang Trim -no shampoo

  • Beard Trim

Hair Cut with Style

Comb Out

  • Refresh a previous comb out.

  • Roller or iron comb outs.

The following services include shampoo:

  • *Roller Set and Style

  • *Blow Dry and Curling Iron Style

  • French Rolls/Twists

  • Up-Do (High style)

  • *Set and Style w/ perm rods

  • Wrap Styles

  • Braiding: Braids are priced per braid.

  • Fingerwaves

*Hair Straightening with Flat Iron or Crimpers

Extensions, fusions or tracks, priced by the hour. Must provide own hair and glue.

Wig Styling and Special orders

* Services priced by length of hair.

Color Services

Hair Cut Canton Ohio

Color Rinse

  • Lasts shampoo to shampoo.

Color Shampoo

  • Freshens up your color.

  • Adds subtle highlights to your hair.

*Semi/Demi Permanent Color

  • Lasts 2-3 weeks, or 4-6 shampoos.

  • Gentler on hair, fades with less regrowth

Permanent Color

  • Lasts longer than semi, shows regrowth.

  • Slightly more damaging.

*Virgin Applications

  • For hair that has had no previous color, or has more than 2 inches of regrowth.

  • Retouch Applications growth.

  • To maintain you color over new

*Highlighting - cap or foils

  • Using tint to add special effects to your natural hair color.


  • Virgin and retouch applications.

  • Natural hair color.

*Frosting and Foiling

  • Technique used will be based on length of hair and desired effect.

Crown Foil

  • Add effects to the top of the head.


  • Bleaches the ends of short hair.

Toner Application

  • To blend colors, or tone unwanted shades.

Color Remover

  • Strips artificial color from hair.

A patch test is required for new color clients.

* Services priced by length of hair.

Hair / Scalp

Hair Treatments

  • For hair lacking moisture.

Scalp Treatments

  • For dry, tight, itchy scalp.

  • Add high frequency currents for the same cost, and less time.

  • Will not affect perms or color.

Malibu Treatments

  • Removes buildup from products, minerals from your water, and some chemicals.

  • Great for swimmers and well water.

Shampoo Only

Stripping Shampoo

  • Helps remove product and medicinal buildup from hair.

Chemical Services

  • Services include haircut and style.

  • Perms are available for all types of hair and hair conditions.

Permanent Wave

Piggy Back Wrap Perms

  • Used for longer hair.

Spiral Wrap Perms


  • Chemically straightens over-curly hair.

  • Virgin and retouch applications.

Thermal Straighteners

  • Permanent smoothing technique for over-curly hair.

  • Consultation required before service.

All priced by length of hair.